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Reynolds Cabana

Fiber: 65% Cotton, 35% Acrylic
Gauge: 3.5 sts/inch
Needle Size: US 10
Weight: 100g
Yardage: 135
Machine Washable

Price: $8.95, discountable
Close-out price: $5.99

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Reynolds Cabana knitting yarn

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#907 yellow - 2 balls

Reynolds Cabana yarn color card

 Cabana Patterns

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Reynolds Cabana knitting kit, Reynolds Cabana knitting yarn, cotton knitting yarn

Reynolds Cabana knitting pattern, Reynolds Cabana knitting yarn, cotton knitting yarn

Men's Cabled Crewneck

Cabana 82421
Faux Cable Top
5(6, 7, 7, 8, 9) skeins

From Knitter's Review:

First Impressions
Cabana is one of those yarns you instinctively want to squeeze. I keep expecting it to let out a Pillsbury Doughboy-esque giggle in return.

Knitting Up
Cabana is well-suited for beginners. Its bulk delivers quick gratification, while its smooth texture produces clear stitch definition. Dropped or extra stitches are easy to spot and fix.

Blocking / Washing
The yarn's label advises you to use cold water for best results. When I tested with lukewarm, there was noticeable bleeding. If you pick a bright color, be sure to wash your garment separately. After rolling up my swatches in a towel, I laid them out and carefully prodded them into shape. They dried in perfect form, and I wasn't able to detect any significant color fading.